Leah Bates

Senior Property Manager

Leah Bates is a highly skilled and self motivated Senior Property Manager with 15 + years experience in Real Estate. While Leah's impressive industry knowledge and genuine love for property does distinguish her from the rest, it is her eager contribution outside of the general functions of managing properties and relationships that truly sets her apart.

Leah's strong understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act and effective negotiation skills continually ensures great results are achieved for her owners and tenants alike.

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Leah has been working with Liv and I for years now. We have always had such positive interactions and been treated amazingly. The customer experience side of Leah's engagements are first class and would not wish to work with anyone else. She understands the vision of us as investors and has treated our investment amazingly throughout our time with her.

Jonathan & Olivia Clark

Leah Bates is an enthusiastic service provider. We have had a difficult tennant involving police and damaged property and Leah managed the situation very well indeed. If there are problems, Leah is sure to solve them fully

Francis and Menchu Corbitt

Leah has always been friendly and helpful over the years. This has continued under Hooker. I enjoy talking to her and explaining my concerns and she always responds in a caring manner. I feel my property on the whole is well tenanted and well looked after. She was particularly helpful when my fence was vandalised and we had to go through the insurance process. Leah did all that for me and we got a satisfactory conclusion. She was also helpful during the sale of my other property. Thankyou Leah.

Helen Cresswell

Leah has been good to deal with and far superior to other real estate agents I have come across in Canberra.

Mark W Norris & Jie Li

We wanted to record in writing our huge appreciation for the excellent work Leah did on our behalf while managing a difficult ex-tenant’s demands through the drawn out Tribunal hearing process. We were stressed out at times but Leah never dropped the ball. She had a healthy dose of empathy always balanced with sound legal advice and navigated us through the process remarkably well. We are certain that the ex-tenant is frankly displeased with the Tribunal’s ruling that Leah achieved and we are extremely happy about this. The ex-tenant will surely think twice before making frivolous claims against landlords in the future. So Leah scored some points for the Industry as well. Anyway, I hope you formally recognize Leah’s outstanding work over a sustained period of time making us quite proud and pleased with her dedication and hard work. We happily recommend Leah to anyone because she is an outstanding person.

Francis and Menchu